The Ultimate Guide To beautiful xhosa words

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glug-glug-glug – lit. the sound produced by a flowing liquid via a smaller opening, similar to a bottle becoming emptied. Also refers into a viral television advertisement within the nineteen eighties (involving slightly boy twiddling with his toy Ferrari Testarossa) via the South African Oil corporation, Sasol. The term also grew to become one of Sasol's signature slogans.

ten tragic tales of younger women sentenced to Loss of life and killed in past times years. Pics demonstrate the final moments of the short life of the girls.

Linda is kind of well-liked in American and European nations around the world as a toddler Lady identify. But in Zulu, this moniker is used for boys and suggests ‘wait’. Even this title is likewise the singular crucial sort of linda.

cava – meaning "to check out: (the c is pronounced like a dental click). It may be used that means each "to check out" or "to grasp" as in "Did you cav that ?" or as in "Would you cav what I am expressing?"

dwankie – someone or a thing that is lame, stupid, uncool, or usually undesirable. Commonly utilised as an insult or inside of a derogatory way. Zef slang. Can be used as both of those a noun: "Have a look at These dwankies over there!" and an adjective: "My chinas have absent dwankie!"

The Zulu language is called ‘isiZulu’, and it is the most widely spoken house language of the eleven official languages in South Africa. The term Zulu indicates ‘heavens’ or ‘sky’, and also the amaZulu would be the ‘Individuals of heaven’.

gara : within the Lebanese word for "faeces" or "dung"; refers to something that is crap (as in "that man is speaking gara!")

klipslag – lit. "stone-stroke". Accustomed to jokingly consult with a one who cannot swim even more info if their lifetime relied on it and thus sinks like a stone in h2o, this is generally a joking self-reference by unconfident swimmers.

Kgabu is an African and Zulu identify and suggests ‘to adorn richly.’ This snappy title is presently neglected With this tribe. So use it in your son prior to it will become way too common.

kafee/cafee/kaffie/caffie - refers to the café, although it might also refer to a small non-espresso serving grocery shop or Tuck shop.

broekie lace – ornate ironwork discovered on Victorian buildings (lit. 'pantie lace'), the tie that you choose to discover on board shorts

jissie – a shortened Edition of "jislaaik", will also be considered very casual and use will likely be frowned on.

This traditional Zulu toddler identify will not require any extravagant embellishment to keep its attractiveness. It means ‘Elevate the residence.’

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